“Over the past three years MP+G has been our go-to resource for Metro Blooms/Blue Thumb’s marketing efforts. They developed a strategic communications plan, several successful strategies for promoting our organization and programming, and identified and clarified our key messaging - giving it strength and consistency. Mary Pat worked with our staff to improve the impact of our Minnesota State Fair Eco Exhibit, developed a unique look for our online communications from website to social media, and created a valuable range of digital assets for our staff and partners to reuse. Without a doubt, we could not have achieved all of these accomplishments without MP+G Marketing Solutions' expertise.” 

“MP+G used best practices based on their extensive experience. When I say they are persistent in their approach it might be misconstrued as a negative – but let me assure you, in my view it was a positive. Everything they did had a purpose and everything they did worked. Let’s face it referendums are a boatload of work not just for superintendents but for everyone involved – from support staff to your citizens group. Their persistent guidance served as a reminder of the importance of this referendum and the fact that if it doesn’t pass, my job becomes that much more difficult. They kept me on track and focused. And they delivered a win. Without question I’d hire them again.”

“MP+G and DehlerPR played a significant role in getting our building bond referendum passed. After 3 failed attempts on our own, their guidance and communications campaign strategy along with key talking points, a custom designed theme, direct mail pieces and emails, helped us demonstrate our needs. Our school community is excited and looking forward to planning our next steps.

“I am grateful to MP+G for their talents and support in this bond process. Having failed the last two bond referendums, we needed them to re-energize our team and give us a new focus moving forward. They were able to help our team find and market the right message for our school. They worked with us to find the right strategies and to use the multiple media methods to communicate ‘our story’ to our taxpayers. They took our ideas and converted them into well produced flyers, newsletters and videos. They were instrumental in helping us pass our bond project.”  
Brian J. Phillips | Superintendent | CLEVELAND PUBLIC SCHOOL

“There is no doubt that the ideas and work MP+G provided for our school district were critical components to getting community and voter support for our recent Bond Referendum. They brought ideas and strategies that our schools had never used and never really considered. We felt we had good community support, but it is clear in today’s current social and political climate, those old traditions are not enough. We had to dive into new strategies and new ways to frame our message. If were not for their guidance, we would not have achieved our desired outcome.”
George Weber | Superintendent | PIERZ SCHOOL DISTRICT 484

"Our referendum was dependent on strong (Herculean!) efforts from the district, from our Yes committee and from our communications consultants. It truly was an "All In" effort by everyone! Mary Pat and Jeff set the strategy, the tone, and the pace for our information campaign. We needed their expertise to create the plan, and their time to create all the communications materials needed to get our message out." 
Dave Bernhardson |Superintendent | INVER GROVE HEIGHTS SCHOOL DISTRICT

“Hiring MP+G Marketing Solutions was a smart investment for the district, its students, and its staff. Their shared experience helped us make pragmatic decisions from the start and deliver the information to our neighbors in a way that they remembered at the polls. As a one-person communications department, I really appreciated their action plan as well as their help staying on top of deadlines, especially in the midst of another busy school year.”
Katie Sheridan | Communications / Marketing Manager | INVER GROVE HEIGHTS SCHOOLS

“MP+G helped bring the second year of the “Get Your Daily Dose of Trees” Arbor Month campaign to a new level. They understood our target audience, millennials, and how to capture their attention. Their idea of making testimonial videos of millennials talking about how trees have improved their health was effective and engaging. MP+G went beyond expectation to keep the campaign on track, moving forward, focused, and successful. MP+G’s strategic placement of social media ads over six weeks used a limited budget to make 577,000 impressions; resulting in 5,023 clicks and 15,000 video views; increased page likes by 114; and 900 entries for a 31-day challenge. Impressive numbers for a government agency. I recommend using MP+G to help with your marketing campaign.”
Jennifer Teegarden | Forestry Outreach Specialist | MINNESOTA DEPARTMENT OF NATURAL RESOURCES

"MP+G worked closely with our administration team to help define who we are and what differentiates us from other school districts. They really listened to us and got to know what makes us unique in the educational marketplace - developing a brand strategy and identify that truly reflects our personality. They showed us how to embrace and implement our new positioning and prepared us for launching our new brand identity. From the new district identity to the website, videos, and marketing materials, they partnered with us to quickly get us up to speed and ready to live the Kaleidoscope brand in time for the new school year.”
Brett Wedlund | Superintendent | KALEIDOSCOPE CHARTER SCHOOL

“It has been a pleasure working with MP+G Marketing Solutions on MSBA’s rebranding campaign and marketing plan efforts…They pushed us outside of our comfort zone and helped us to get to a place that is enlightened and sustainable. They’ve done quality work and we’re excited to launch the NEW MSBA Brand.”
Kirk Schneidawind | Executive Director | MINNESOTA SCHOOL BOARDS ASSOCIATION

“MP+G created a distinctive, custom campaign for our referendum, they helped us better understand our audience and developed a sound informational campaign strategy to reach our goals. We added 1,200 total voters since last May...and a staggering 1,000 of them were Yes voters. Statistically, that is impressive no matter how you look at it...Regardless of the margin, (this) is a huge win! The district’s relationship with the community is stronger now than before the election and our community is better informed and better prepared to meet the needs of our students.”
Stephen Jones | Superintendent | LITTLE FALLS COMMUNITY SCHOOLS

"MP+G Marketing Services helped our district craft key messages that gave our referendum campaign a clear identity. The results of their work created a more informed and engaged community. This amounted to 1,200 more voters going to the polls - and the first bond passed in our district in almost 25 years."
Aaron Sinclair | Assistant Superintendent | LITTLE FALLS COMMUNITY SCHOOLS

"MP+G Marketing Solutions created a distinctive brand for the city's developer communications. Their eye-catching marketing package and memorable "Dig into Mound" graphics and tagline helped us to get a fresh new look and attracted new interest in the project."
Kandis Hanson | City Manager (retired) | CITY OF MOUND, MINNESOTA

"MP+G brought a great deal of experience to the billboard campaign she completed for the Anoka-Hennepin School District. Mary Pat was extremely thorough in all phases of the project, which resulted in an end product that was a credit to Anoka-Hennepin. Bravo! Mary Pat is prompt, efficient and accommodating. She is a joy to work with!”
Mary Olson | Director of Communication and Public Relations (retired) | ANOKA-HENNEPIN SCHOOL DISTRICT 

"MP+&G Marketing was a true asset in our referendum process. Mary Pat helped with website information, communications, and the design of a perfect logo for our scenario. St. James had 6 failed attempts at a building bond (without a consultant). With the help of Mary Pat, we got it passed on the 7th attempt! We are very appreciative of the work that she did.”
Becky Cselovszki | Superintendent | ST. JAMES PUBLIC SCHOOLS

“MP+G Marketing provided communication and marketing strategy for our high school facility bond election that passed after having failed only one year ago.  Mary Pat was tireless in her efforts to aggressively develop effective strategies in a variety of mediums (print, video, website, email, social media) that were very well received by the public and critical in the passage of our project. Especially in light of a very unusual campaign season (November of 2016) there is no doubt in my mind that MP+G was crucial to the success of our election.  I highly recommend her.”
Edward J. Harris | Superintendent | CHATFIELD PUBLIC SCHOOLS

“MP+G provided excellent service, responded quickly and creatively to our needs, and developed a perfect design solution that kept an emphasis on our goals - to promote our student art contest and our park as a place for learning."
Lyndon Torstenson | Educational Partnerships Manager | Mississippi National River & Recreation Area | NATIONAL PARK SERVICE

"MP+G brought a tremendous amount of insight and experience to our brand refresh campaign. Mary Pat guided us in developing a point of differentiation for Robbinsdale—something to distinguish the district and its students from other similar districts. “RAS Remarkable” is a multi-platform campaign that brings recognition to students and staff members who aren't the usual athletes and honor roll students one usually hears about in district coverage. The response to this campaign has been overwhelming - people appreciate hearing these interesting stories. There are close to 12,000 students in this district, and thanks to Mary Pat, we were able to help better tell their stories in a thoughtful way. We enjoyed working with Mary Pat very much."
Joseph Palmersheim | Marketing and Communications Specialist | ROBBINSDALE AREA SCHOOLS

"MP+G helped us expand the district's brand message and capitalize on our new tagline. We were looking to create a campaign that creates a visual splash and brings the brand message to life. The Robbinsdale Area Schools Remarkable campaign does just that. Mary Pat developed a comprehensive communications plan and worked with our designer to create a multi-platform campaign that embodies the district's core values. #RASRemarkable sets Robbinsdale apart from other similar districts in the area."
Latisha Gray | Marketing and Communications Manager | ROBBINSDALE AREA SCHOOLS (now Atlanta)

“MP+G Marketing Solutions is a one-stop shop for developing an email communications plan. With (Mary Pat’s) insight and direction, we felt confident in carrying out our communication plan.”
Julie Sweitzer | Executive Director | College Readiness Consortium | UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA 

“MP+G Marketing Solutions did a great job working with Brooklyn Park at Edinburgh USA Golf Course.  They helped develop a new brand and provided marketing ideas to take the course in a new direction. They were so professional, creative, and tuned into our needs and resources. They came up with great ideas utilizing our input. The deliverables were on schedule and presented well.  I would highly recommend MP&G for any marketing related services.”

“I used to dream that our project signs would someday look so good! What a nice new ‘standard’ to set.”
Dawn Sommers | Communications & Marketing Manager | MINNEAPOLIS PARK & RECREATION BOARD                 

"Thank you for your work on the media kits and reception for the TPL (Trust for Public Land) Award Announcement Day in June. Your work was key to making the day a success."
Jayne Miller | Superintendent | MINNEAPOLIS PARK & RECREATION BOARD

"What I love about working with Mary Pat is her creative strategic thinking, her ability to identify and quantify the right resources for the client and the project at hand."
Kristin Maija Peterson | Principal Creative Director & Designer | GRAND CIEL BRANDING & DESIGN

"Thank you Mary Pat…We are very pleased by the results of the vote and we had a short window to celebrate before we began the rush into the project.” 

"Mary Pat has performed a great service for the Westonka School District. Her efforts have improved the quality and effectiveness of our communications…I encourage you to go to our website and look at our videos, eNewsletter and website to see the quality of her work. You will be impressed.”

"Mary Pat was masterful with crafting positive and compelling messages about our school system directed to our community through weekly e-newsletters and newspaper articles. Along with effective writing skills, her strengths include developing brand marketing for organizations and developing websites that provide easy access to information for end-users."
Mark Femrite | Assistant Superintendent Teaching and Learning | WESTONKA PUBLIC SCHOOL DISTRICT

"I was just talking about your work with our website and other PR to some teachers and telling them that you had such good vision for our district AND the ability to do something about it. Thank you very much for all of your hard work getting us going with SchoolFusion! It has been much needed for many years and we needed someone like you to get it going.”
Anitra Trapp | Media Specialist | MOUND WESTONKA HIGH SCHOOL

"(Mary Pat) was also instrumental in helping our department move to online marketing communications and the use of social media. I have been very impressed with her ability to understand the uniqueness of our business and to adapt her concepts to fit our needs.”

“She brought our quaint little town into the 21st century by creating an e-news version to communicate electronically with our residents. Mary Pat integrated our newsletter with our city’s Facebook page and has made wonderful recommendations to our staff on how to more cohesively brand our city.”

"Mary Pat did a great job helping us in our start-up business. She oversaw our branding and developed a trademark logo that works for us internationally as well as directed the development of our web site. Designing it from the ground up, generating content and directing photography. Her work can be seen at"
Jeffrey Metzger | President |  JUST WIND - COMMUNITY WIND FARM

"Mary Pat excels at providing creative marketing communications solutions ~ from copywriting and traditional print projects to interactive newsletters and website launches. She was “the glue” between the traditional art directors and our interactive specialists. Her project management skills are well-honed.”
Steve Collins | Founder and Partner | LEVERAGE5

"Every successful project needs that special person who understands how all critical marketing elements fit together: research, strategy, creative, execution and programming. Mary Pat is that person. We have relied on her to organize and manage all the pieces of complex marketing solutions. And she delivers."

"Mary Pat surfaced new ways of doing things and provided alternative solutions to difficult problems. She knows how to turn the talk into results."
Tanya Hamilton | Sr. Marketing Manager | G&K SERVICES

"She’s an experienced manager who brings energy, enthusiasm, and focus to her work. She knows the power of branding, and the importance of results-oriented decision-making.”
Valorie Klemz | Director of Marketing | Capstone Press | COUGHLAN COMPANIES

"She keeps the vision alive, while still maintaining budget and scheduling parameters. Her passions for quality and creativity yield extraordinary results."
Carrie Openshaw | Owner and President | NOUMENON CREATIVE

Mary Pat created two of the premier catalogs in the educational publishing industry.”
Keith McCormick | Director of Purchasing | Coughlan Publishing | COUGHLAN COMPANIES

“Mary Pat threaded a creative voice through all the media, print, and website.”
Mary Stadelman | Owner and President | WHITE SPACE DESIGN

"Mary Pat realigned the branding and positioning of all marketing collateral to match the buying profile of the customer. She was instrumental in cross-company efforts for integrated communications and execution of innovative marketing materials while achieving significant bottom line savings."
Sue Brandon | President | Red Book Publishing | COUGHLAN COMPANIES

“Mary Pat understands brand building and possesses unique skills in this arena. She has a creative vision and voice that she clearly articulates to vendors and the creative team.”
Kate Wisser | Owner & Brand Strategist | YIKES MARKETING | (former STAR TRIBUNE) 

“Mary Pat challenges standards and gets her staff and peers to ‘think outside the box’ to achieve greater results.”
Brenda Swanson | Operations Manager, The Company Stores | GENERAL MILLS | (former STAR TRIBUNE)